Carevena is a mobile healthcare IT startup with the mission of helping to improve outcomes for those living with and managing chronic conditions. Its first mobile health (mHealth) solution is called Dermitrax, which is designed to help those with skin diseases better manage and monitor their conditions in-between visits. The mobile application integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) systems to extend the data collection approach and experience to fill the gap within a patient’s record. It works by allowing patients the ability to document flare-ups or outbreaks on their through image analysis and data collection. The dashboard that is generated can then be synced with the patient’s healthcare provider.

Dermitrax was an initiative that I started built on my own experience of living with psoriasis, a chronic autoimmune disease, to help those with it and other skin-related conditions. The project has taken a human-centered and design-driven approach to understanding patient and care provider challenges while also seeking to develop a meaningful tool. To help bring this project to fruition, I have led a small, transdisciplinary team to research and prototype, develop, and brand the digital product with stakeholders. Our work is still actively in progress, with the intended beta prototype to be released in Fall 2017. To learn more about the company you can visit the website here.



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