Life with psoriasis can be fraught with many highs and lows and discussing its challenges can be tough for those who don’t understand the nature of the disease. An Autoimmune Story is intended to be a short animation project that helps to highlight the causes and effects associated with the psoriasis. As a patient and an advocate, I felt it was necessary to produce and share in a short, digestible video on how psoriasis impacts patients’ lived experiences. Roughly 7% of the US population suffers from psoriasis (National Psoriasis Foundation) and nearly 120 million global mange it daily. The disease is listed a one the toughest to manage capered with diabetes and cancer. Since psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory disease cause by the immune system attacking itself there currently is no cure. However, there are many ways to treat and manage the condition to help patients live a more normal life.

Communication Design

Video Production



Melanie F. Sexton