When an organizational culture needs to make shift its strategy must be built on an understanding of empathy towards its employees, placing them at the center of that change. PostalProud is the on-going effort to spearhead that change at the U.S. Postal Service that is one part change management, one part communications, and one part leadership development.

The effort started with an initiative to understand why postal carriers were not following protocol and choosing to exhibit certain negative behaviors. To better grapple with this challenge, our Maga team conducted ethnographies and immersed ourselves with postal carriers, field employees and managers to better define the root causes and driving forces. PostalProud was positioned as a nexus point for promoting positive behaviors and building better relationships between managers and craft employees.

The program has since been scaled to retail and plant operations touching over 10,000 Local Post Offices, 300 plant facilities, and touched ~400,000 employees. PostalProud is a leading strategic initiative to improve moral and the employee experience at USPS.



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