SCAD Ventures was an entrepreneurial fast pitch event in partnership with SCAD’s Industrial Design Program, Volta Collaborative, The Creative Coast, and the Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE). The project sought to link applying undergrad, grad, and alumni students to mentors for helping to take their concepts to the next level and build a startup.

Students had to apply through their professors to be accepted into the process. Volta’s role within the project was to mentor students on how to pitch their concept to potential investors and organize the student’s to showcase their work. To do this we hosted coaching workshops for the participants and provided them with a workable pitch deck to customize based upon their project. For the event, we also provided the students with a workable poster for promoting their concept and encouraged them to bring prototypes, mockups, and examples to showcase their work. A total 24 participants were connected to mentors to provide assistance and help take their project further.






R Campbell – Volta Collaborative

Victor Ermoli – SCAD

Philip Evans – Volta Collaborative

Owen Foster – SCAD

Bea Wray – The Creative Coast