Over the course of the past several years, the Internal Revenue Service has faced budget cuts and shortfalls as the US’s sole tax regulatory and collections body. In the spring of 2015, Maga Design collaborated with partner groups and leaders of the IRS to develop a series of persona vignettes of future of the tax payer. It acted as a component of a larger strategic initiative within the IRS to envision a future where technology and analytics would play a major role in enhancing the experience for citizens, businesses, and nonprofits.

Throughout this process the team conducted interviews with individuals and accountants to better understand the current-state process and pain points while also working with IRS staff and subject matter experts to gain insight into the objectives of the new strategic initiatives. As the we worked with both strategy and design, the team crafted a series of as-is journey maps and personas and injected the future-state strategy of where the future is going and where the IRS will play a role in shaping it. The result of the project were four customer vignettes along with a series of employee vignettes which are publicly available here.


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